Ralf Hänsel founded the gallery 401contemporary in Berlin in March 2009 with the intention of selectively promoting young artists and encouraging them in the context of an intergenerational dialogue with other artists. This hologram of past and present not only serves to inspire young artists, but rather the gallery’s approach initiates new artistic interpretations and impulses in everyone involved.

In December 2010, 401contemporary moved from Berlin Mitte to Potsdamer Strasse (Berlin Tiergarten), one of the most intensely artistic-creative areas of Berlin in the 1920s and once again an epicenter of the Berlin art scene today.

In 2017, Ralf Hänsel wiil launch, in cooperation with Annette Kaiser and Torsten Reiter the Boiler#Art#Room as an open platform for placing selected art and artists into special, individual contexts.

The Boiler#Art#Room acts as the showroom, rehearsal stage, teaser for initiating high-level international art and cultural projects. Inter-media, experimental, controversial.